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Marciel chooses


Marciel Hopkins, TV presenter, international model, actress, lifeguard, motivational speaker and social media influencer chooses Caribbeantan for a gorgeous bronzed tan.

Q:  How does a tanned skin make you feel?

A:  It gives me self confidence and an amazing boost that lets me feel good in a swimsuit or summer dress.

Q:  Why do you like Caribbeantan?

A:  The quality of the product is one of the reasons the result is always constant.  The products let me feel good, smells good and is so easy to use.  There is no need to spend hours in the sun and damage my skin just to get a suntan.  Caribbeantan makes it possible to feel and look good with out the sun damage.

Q:  What is your perfect Caribbeantan product for a special occasion?

A:  I'm crazy about the Tan in a Can and the Bronzing Mousse.  When I am about to go on vacation, then I love to get a spray tan in the comfort of my own home.  


Q:  How do you prepare your skin before applying your Caribbeantan self tan?

 A:  I always shave and use the Caribbeantan Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia to remove the dead skin cells.  This helps the tan to last much longer. 

                          caribbeantan exfolia   caribbeantan exfolia swatch  

Q:  What are your top tips for self tan application?

A:  Stand in front of a big mirror and ensure there is natural lighting to help you see where you have or have not applied.  It will also give you a realistic idea of the tan colour so you can decide if you want to be darker.

Q:  How do you ensure a longer lasting self tan?

A:  I use x2 applications each day of the Caribbeantan Body Butter.  I love it so much!  It is the ultimate indulgence to smooth onto your skin and it smells amazing (milk & honey).  I try not to dry myself too hard with a towel after showering but rather pat myself dry softly.