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About essence


Committed to a respectful treatment of our planet, people and animals

You think about sustainability and your ecological footprint – and, of course, you take a critical look at your make-up collection. You ask yourself “how sustainable are my eyeshadow palettes, concealers and lipsticks really?” essence wants to make you forget about these worries so that you can pursue your passion for make-up in a carefree way.

Essence has a strong commitment to the planet – recycling, waste prevention and the development of sustainable products are very close to our hearts. But we are not perfect, and we realize there is still a lot of work to be done towards a more sustainable future.

This is why our sustainability strategy serves as the basis for all economic, ecological and social matters we do. We strive for general waste reduction and the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials in the production of our cosmetics. Waste prevention through re- or upcycling and zero waste is our major goal, and we are committed to achieving it! Since this is a complex challenge, we have joined the cross-industry dm Rezyklat Forum, an initiative in which trade and industry come together to work on keeping valuable packaging materials in the recycling cycle and to greatly expand the use of recycled materials.

In packaging we are constantly researching which sustainable materials are suitable for the packaging of our cosmetics and are increasingly focusing on offering more recycling options in their development.

Ingredients are rigorously monitored and analyzed for their environmental, health and social impact using a traffic light system. We have also implemented numerous measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, essence is part of various initiatives such as the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI).


No animal testing

CRUELTY FREE, from the beginning!

Animals do not need to suffer for our love for make-up and that is why 100 percent of our products are cruelty free! We are also, continuing to increase our focus on vegan make-up, and are proud to say that over 70% of our assortment is vegan, and that number continues to grow.

Since essence has been on the market, we have never carried out any testing on animals – not for our products nor for the ingredients, neither in Germany nor anywhere else in the world. And that won't happen in the future either. essence was cruelty free from the beginning, and even before the introduction of the legal ban in the EU. essence stands for cruelty-free cosmetics and is part of the official list of PETA Deutschland e.V. for cosmetics without animal testing.




For the highest quality and environmentally friendly cosmetics

At essence, quality has top priority! We do not compromise on quality. It starts with the production: we only work and produce with partners that we trust – 90 percent of them are from Europe. We monitor the entire manufacturing process right through to the end product.

We don't take quality guidelines lightly. They must be strictly adhered to, as must the requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation*. And that's a good thing because it stipulates, among other things, a ban on animal testing. But, of course, there is more to it than that! That's why essence has created its own negative list. Critical ingredients don't stand a chance here!

Clean Beauty is becoming more and more important in the make-up world – for the public, for consumers and for us as a beauty brand. Natural ingredients are used as far as possible and many of our products are already vegan.

In addition, there are no secrets – transparency is particularly important to us. essence lists all ingredients on all its products, in the Inci booklet in stores and on the website.