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NEW essence Summer Range Is Here!

October 04 2019

NEW essence Summer Range Is Here! - House of Cosmetics
NEW essence Summer Range Is Here! - House of Cosmetics

It’s officially time for a new season, new beginnings and you guessed it… NEW product releases! That means its officially time to upgrade your current makeup collection in time for the warmer weather. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together our 6 FAVE items from the new Essence range that you absolutely NEED.

Hydrating & Perfecting Primer Goodness R84.95

Everyone knows that every flawless and long-lasting makeup look starts with well-hydrated and moisturised skin. The Essence Hydrating and Perfecting Primer visibly refines all those niggly pores and ensures that your skin is prepped and ready for your foundation.

Bonus? The light texture feels great on your skin, even in the warm weather!

Shiny Crystal Powdered Eyeshadow R129.95

It’s time to add a little “shimmy” to your summer with this glorious crystal powder palette! With eight shimmering and matte eyeshadows, the vibrant colours of this palette range from rose gold to bright white – ensuring your eyelids sparkle like crystals all summer!

Stay effortless this warm season and easily apply this soft powder texture with a brush or even your fingers!

Princess Lash Mascara R69.95

Ain’t nobody got time for smudgy raccoon eyes while trying to look fabulous at the beach this summer. Essence’s new WATERPROOF addition to the lash princess family is everything we’ve ever needed. The special iconic shape of the fibre brush adds length and dramatic volume for an amazing false lash effect without the added pain of laying through or paying for lash extensions.

What more could we possibly ask for? Fabulous lashes, here we come!

Say Goodbye to Smudge Eyebrow Pencils R54.95

Let’s be honest, good eyebrows can literally make or break your make up look. That’s why you literally cannot afford to have smudgy eyebrows that have sweated off this summer! This holy grail eyebrow pen allows you to easily apply and fill in your eyebrows according to your desired look with a convenient trident felt tip.

Stay smudge-proof all day and then easily remove with makeup wipes at night!

Shimmery Liquid Highlighter R84.95

What’s a warm-weather look without a glow? Applied underneath makeup, mixed with foundation or dabbed on the highest points of your face – this liquid elixir can be used in multiple ways to help you shimmer and shine! The practical drop packaging with a pipette allows for accurate application every time!

Whether you’re going for a “natural, woke up like this” dewy face beat or looking to blind those around you with your glow – this is the baby to do it with!

Now that we know that you’ll be adding the above items to your next makeup haul – please tag us in your makeup looks on social media, we want to see and adore!