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How to Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade

July 08 2020

How to Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade - House of Cosmetics
How to Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade - House of Cosmetics

We all know it; a great foundation is a must for flawless makeup application. However, the right foundation for YOU can be one of the most challenging things to find. So many of us have had the experience of choosing a foundation that looks great under retail store lighting – but completely oxidizes when you step outside. Often this happens because honestly, people base their foundation choice on colour ONLY – you also need to consider your skin type and tone.

We’ve put together a helpful guide on how you can find your PERFECT foundation – without the need for any colour correctors!

Do You Know Your Undertone Girl?

Possibly one of the most important things about choosing the right foundation for your skin is knowing your undertone. The outer surface of our skin can change colour because of many things like acne or just general exposure to sun, wind etc. But your undertone always remains the same.

Having a good understanding of your undertone will help you choose the right foundation colour.

Generally, you’d be one of three undertones:

1. Neutral

You’re a mixture of warm and cool undertones. A good way of determining this is if your veins appear green and blue. Another way of knowing if you’re neutral tone is if both silver and gold jewellery suit you.

2. Warm

If you’re warm tone, then you’d find that gold jewellery looks best on you and that your veins appear green. Your skin has peachy, yellow or golden tones.

3. Cool

You’re definitely cool tone if you find that you can rock silver jewellery like a pro. Your veins appear blue and purple, and your skin has pink, red or blue tones.

Let’s Talk Complexion & Colour

To find a foundation that’ll suit you best – you need to find a foundation colour closest to your skin tone. Wearing a shade too light can make you look ashy or grey, and if the foundation is too dark or your skin tone, then your complexion can look muddy.

While we love a great forearm, foundation shot for Instagram, the skin tone on your arm might not be the same colour as your complexion. Once you’ve determined a few shades that could possibly work for you, you’d need to swatch it directly onto your cheek (make sure it reaches your neck!). Then let it sit for a few minutes – if you can step outside for a bit then even better!

Lighting is also of great importance when it comes to choosing the right foundation for your skin tone. That’s why it’s so important to step outside with your foundation so you can determine how the pigments look in natural light. If the foundation seems to have disappeared into your skin – then that’s the one for you!

We love using the NEW CATRICE SHADE FINDER (link) to find the perfect foundation for our skin – have you given it a try yet? The brand has TWENTY-FIVE shades, so you’re sure to find your PERFECT MATCH ;)