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Get That Bloomin’ Makeup This Spring

September 10 2019

Get That Bloomin’ Makeup This Spring - House of Cosmetics
Get That Bloomin’ Makeup This Spring - House of Cosmetics

This year, we’re putting a new meaning behind “Spring Cleaning” as we say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new season with these fresh new exciting products from Essence.

Be Original – The OG Of All Palettes

Be An Original Eyeshadow Palette R90 Shop Now

Whether you’re a matt or a pearly girl – this magical palette promises to carry you through Spring with its highly-pigmented shades. One of the greatest things about “Be an Original” is that you’re not limited to pastels. Pastels for Spring? Groundbreaking, right?

The 10-shades allow you to rock a little daylight shimmer or leave them guessing with some nudes, be originally YOU!

This beauty is super compact and easily fits in any bag in case you want to switch things up as you take your day from easy-breezy beach to night-time glam!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Colour Up, Shine On Lipstick R49.95 Shop Now

Nothing says, “naturally beautiful” like a nude lip in Spring. Crème Brulee, by Essence the Colour up, Shine on Lipstick, is as delicious looking as its name and is the ultimate head-turner.

Neither peachy pink nor tawny brown, this lippie is as close to naked as you can hope to get – and you can choose to intensify the colour with each application!

Choose to pair this multifaceted lipstick with a bold shadow look at night or go for the naturally “sun-kissed” look with a hint of blush on your cheeks in the day!

Because Every Girl Loves Mermaids

Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter R79.95 Shop Now

It’s okay if you spent all day watching Netflix instead of tanning next to the pool – dip your face into this “forever mermaid” highlighter, and no one will be wiser (trust us, we know!).

This life changing highlighter is a must-have this Spring – especially if you want a lil’ something that leaves your cheekbones (and nose and cupid’s brow and… well you get the idea) dripping in shimmery, beaming, absolute glossiness!

What are you waiting for? Let everyone around you be entranced by your holographic glow in shades of pink, purple, turquoise and more!

New York! New York! New York!

Hello New York Eye Shadow Palette R149.95 Shop Now

If you’ve scrolled through your social media feed recently (we know you have, duh), you’ll be aware of just how popular holographic makeup seems to be this Spring!

This life altering makeup must-have allows you to take your look to the next level – why just stop at iridescent eyes? Take that shimmer to your cheek, nose and collar bones girl!

Keep your look street style and fresh by placing a tiny touch of shimmer in the corner of your eyes and change the look to night with out of the box looks in shades of grey, blue and purple!

Forget about all makeup confinements this Spring and act like you’re walking amongst those high risers and yellow cab taxis of your dreams!

These are just a few of our FAVE products from Essence – now go forth and upgrade your makeup collection this Spring! We’re rooting for you and your glow girl.