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Volumizing Extreme Shine Volume Lipgloss

August 22 2021

Volumizing Extreme Shine Volume Lipgloss - House of Cosmetics
Volumizing Extreme Shine Volume Lipgloss - House of Cosmetics

Lipgloss speaks louder than words! The NEW extreme shine volume lipgloss takes the lipgloss game to the next level. If you loved the popular shine shine shine lipgloss then this new beauty is the one for you! The popular shine shine lipgloss already created an extreme shine on the lips with its pleasant texture. However, the new vegan extreme shine volume lipgloss takes the cake, it not only scores points with the valuable and popular benefits of its predecessor, but also features a revised non-sticky formula, two additional effect versions AND shines in a brand new look. Impressive, right? But wait there’s more!

The Benefits Are Endless

In addition to its popular volumizing effect, the range offers three other benefits for a diverse lip make-up look: maximum volume, an extreme plumping effect and a radiant glow. Shades 01 to 09 provide maximum volume, shades 101 to 105 have an extreme plumping effect and shade 201 reacts to the individual ph-value of the lips to tint them with a natural glow. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?!

Whether transparent, in a soft pink or bold colour, the extreme shine volume lipgloss gives the make-up a fresh look, makes the lips appear fuller with extreme shine and maximum volume and underlines naturalness at the same time.

Clean Beauty Without Compromise

Gorgeous and voluminous lips are guaranteed without the addition of silicones, microplastic particles, alcohol and oil. The cap of the lipgloss is made from 94% recycled plastic, this also saves around 31 tons of new plastic per year! Clean beauty right from the ingredients of the product down to the packaging (music to our ears!)

Clean beauty products contain a high amount of natural ingredients and support the production of sustainable palm oil. Say goodbye to: PEGs, microplastic particles and parabens and say hello to clean beauty.

The extreme shine volume lipglosses are available in a variety of beautiful colours, from natural to bright – there’s the perfect gloss for every make-up style. Lipgloss on, worries gone!