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Discover what’s NEW and HOT from essence: Fresh Picks to Elevate Your Beauty Routine!

April 29 2024

Discover what’s NEW and HOT from essence: Fresh Picks to Elevate Your Beauty Routine!
Discover what’s NEW and HOT from essence: Fresh Picks to Elevate Your Beauty Routine!

This lineup of essence newness isn’t just about looking good; it’s about embracing self-expression, individuality, and creativity while staying effortlessly fabulous as we transition into the new season. With a perfect blend of fun and functionality, these exciting new products launching in April 2024 are designed to inspire and empower you to think outside the box with your glam. Say hello to a collection that celebrates your unique style and brings out your inner beauty trendsetter!


essence META GLOW duo-chrome eye pencil | R49.95

Dive into the Metaverse craze with a touch of brilliance! Introducing the essence META GLOW duo-chrome eye pencil, your ticket to electrifying eye accents. This season, it’s all about making a statement and these three lusciously pigmented chromatic shades deliver just that. Worried about your look fading as the day wears on? Fear not! The waterproof and smudge-free formula ensures your eye-catching glow stays put from dawn till dusk.

essence call me Queen dramatic false lash effect mascara | R79.95

essence eyelash comb | R51.95

essence lash curler | R69.95

Get ready to turn up the volume and command attention with essence Call Me Queen mascara, your secret weapon for achieving breathtaking lashes. Say goodbye to lacklustre lashes and hello to intense volume and lengthening effects that rival even the most luxurious falsies. The easy-to-build formula, paired with a one-of-a-kind elastomer brush, gives you the power to customise your look with precision and control. Want to ramp up the intensity? We all know that perfect lashes begin with the perfect base. Define and shine with the pocket-sized eyelash comb to easily separate your lashes before applying your mascara to avoid any clumps and uneven application. Elevate your lashes to new heights with the essence lash curler – your go-to accessory for a mesmerising gaze! This handy tool isn’t just about curling – it’s about unlocking the full potential of your lashes, creating a wider, more captivating look that demands attention. Both available in a charming new lavender hue, these pocket-sized essentials add a touch of style to your beauty routine.

essence pencil brush | R49.95

Elevate your eye makeup game without breaking the bank with these top-tier yet budget-friendly brushes! Meet the essence pencil brush, your secret weapon for achieving flawless eye looks with precision and ease. Boasting soft bristles for unparalleled comfort and expert product application, this brush with its soft-touch handle is a must-have in your beauty arsenal. Pro Tip: Whether you’re drawing sharp lines or smudging shadows, the pencil brush is your go-to for creating thin to medium lines along the lash line with finesse

essence all in one blending brush | R59.95

Your new blending superhero has arrived and is ready to conquer any eye makeup challenge! The essence all in one blending brush is the ultimate tool for flawlessly blending shadows like a pro. With its ultra-soft bristles and luxurious soft-touch handle, this brush ensures a comfortable and seamless blending experience for both makeup experts and beginners alike.

essence eyeshadow brush | R49.95

Say hello to effortless eye shadow application with the essence eyeshadow brush! Embracing your inner artist just got a whole lot simpler, and we’re here for every shade-throwing moment. Designed with a unique brush shape and ultra-soft bristles, this brush makes precision application a breeze.

essence blending brush | R49.95

Transform your makeup routine with the ultimate beauty essential: the essence blending brush! This versatile tool is a game-changer when it comes to achieving flawless eye looks. Perfect for seamlessly blending and buffing eyeshadow colours, it ensures a professional finish every time. With its luxuriously soft bristles, this brush guarantees a smooth and effortless blending experience.

essence eyeliner brush | R49.95

Step up your eyeliner game and slay every look with the essence eyeliner brush! Get ready for precision like never before, courtesy of its innovative angled shape and ultra-soft bristles. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a makeup newbie, this brush gives you the power to achieve flawless, laser-precise eyeliner application with ease.

Experience beauty with purpose at its finest! essence’s commitment to sustainability shines through in every detail, with all soft-touch handles and packaging crafted from 100% recycled materials. Embrace eco-friendly elegance and join us in making a positive impact on our planet, one makeup brush at a time!


essence brow lifting gel set | R80.95

Elevate your beauty game with brows that steal the show! Introducing the essence brow lifting gel set, your secret weapon for achieving flawless brows that frame your face like never before. With its compact yet mighty design, this gel offers extreme hold and a long-lasting clear formula that keeps your brows in place all day long. Plus, the convenient spoolie applicator makes lifting and defining your brows a breeze.



This season, we’re embracing the Meta Trend in all of its glory and we’re starting it with the META GLOW COLOUR CHANGING LIPSTICK. Thanks to its Ph-reacting formula, a universally flattering shade of pink that naturally enhances your natural lip colour magically appears. Application is not only effortless but also a delight, thanks to its sheer bullet design and charming confetti finish.


Elevate your pout to intergalactic levels with the new META GLOW MULTI-REFLECTIVE LIPGLOSS! Experience a sensational sparkle and high shine that’s out of this world. With its mesmerising 3D-like shine, this lip gloss is your go-to for making a bold statement. Plus, its non-sticky formula ensures maximum comfort while providing gentle care for your lips. Wear it solo for a dazzling effect or layer it over your favourite lipstick for the ultimate finishing touch.

essence what the fake! EXTREME PLUMPING LIP FILLER | R81.95

The ultimate shortcut to luscious lips begins here. Get ready for an instant boost of volume and a high-shine finish that will leave your lips looking fuller and oh-so-kissable. Infused with the goodness of black pepper oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, this gloss not only provides extreme hydration but also nourishes your lips from within. Plus, its magical transformation into a soft berry shade compliments every skin tone flawlessly.

essence super balm glossy lip treatment | R70.95

Get ready to fall in love with the balm you never knew you needed! Say hello to the essence super balm glossy lip treatment, the ultimate lip indulgence that’s causing quite a stir. Infused with nourishing shea butter and Vitamin E, this balm guarantees up to 10 hours of hydration, keeping your lips irresistibly smooth. With its universally flattering light rose shade and velvety finish, it’s the perfect everyday essential. Plus, its chubby packaging and large applicator make on-the-go application a breeze.

essence THE slim STICK | R59.95

Elevate your lip game with this sleek and sensational creamy lipstick, delivering a velvety matte finish that’s simply irresistible. Not only does it provide long-lasting wear, but it also hydrates like a dream, thanks to its innovative formula enriched with jojoba oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil and nourishing Vitamin E. With 8 delightful shades ranging from natural neutrals to bold reds, the possibilities for glamorous makeup looks this season are endless.


essence BANANA LOOSE POWDER | R113.95

Extend the lifespan of your makeup with the essence BANANA LOOSE POWDER! The innovative formula features an ultra-fine, mattifying powder in a soft yellow shade, designed to effortlessly blur away imperfections while flawlessly setting your makeup. Pro Tip: Its weightless texture makes it ideal for the concealer baking technique, ensuring a flawless finish that lasts all day. Included is a handy sponge ensuring that touch-ups on the go are effortless and convenient.

essence jelly GRIP HYDRATING PRIMER | R89.95

Get ready to glow like never before with the essence jelly GRIP HYDRATING PRIMER. The hydrating formula delivers a silky dewy finish that’s simply irresistible. Whether worn alone for a fresh-faced look or as a base for your makeup, its jelly-like texture ensures maximum wear while gripping onto your makeup for all-day perfection. And let’s not forget the fun factor – application is as enjoyable as it is effective, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with every use!


essence powder brush | R89.95

With its mesmerising duo-chrome effect, this highlighter leaves your skin positively radiant and visibly brighter. The soft powder texture gives you complete control, allowing you to build up your desired intensity effortlessly. Looking for the perfect brush to help you achieve the ultimate glow? The essence powder brush is the perfect partner to achieving that striking highlighter effect.


essence SKIN tint | R79.95

Formulated to give you that coveted dewy look that is natural in appearance without clogging your pores – it’s a game changer. The easy-to-wear formula available in 6 shades provides buildable coverage, so you’re in control of your flawless finish. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, SPF 30, and hyaluronic acid, your skin is not only nourished but also shielded from the elements.

essence MAGIC FILTER glow booster | R79.95

essence makeup buffer brush | R89.95

Elevate your makeup routine with the skin-perfecting sheer glow booster, your secret weapon for achieving that coveted radiant complexion effortlessly. Available in 4 shades, this game-changing product enhances your natural glow whether worn alone, under makeup, or layered for a softened finish. A must-have addition to your beauty kit, it pairs perfectly with the essence makeup buffer brush. Its unique flat shape and silky soft bristles ensure a seamless application of foundation and powder, leaving you with a flawless, luminous end result.

essence BABY GOT BLUSH liquid blush | R69.95

Get ready to bring the heat to your cheeks with this revolutionary lightweight liquid blush! This game-changing formula is a breeze to apply, thanks to its convenient twist mechanism. With four stunning shades ranging from soft peach to daring pink, each highly pigmented hue delivers maximum impact. Simply build up to your desired intensity and let the product work its magic for a radiant flush that lasts all day.

essence BABY GOT GLOW liquid highlighter | R69.95

Elevate your makeup game with a radiant touch! The lightweight formula is designed to impart a subtle, healthy glow to your cheeks. Easy to apply and blend, this game-changing product puts you in control of the intensity. With its twist mechanism applicator, you’ll experience precise and controlled application every time, ensuring a flawless finish that lights up your look.


essence glossy Jelly nail polish | R39.95

The ultra-delectable formula is designed to give your nails a burst of fresh colour and irresistible scent. With its semi-transparent, jelly-like texture, available in four glossy shades, you can layer it for a mesmerising effect or wear it solo for a chic statement. Plus, the quick-drying formula ensures hassle-free application, while the juicy scent lingers on your nails all day long, leaving you feeling and smelling divine!

essence NAIL GLOSS nail polish | R39.95

Attention, all lipgloss nail enthusiasts! Get ready to effortlessly achieve the perfect look thanks to its buildable semi-transparent soft pink shade. Designed for the chic and low-maintenance individual, this nail polish allows you to easily achieve natural-looking, well-groomed nails in seconds.

essence nail art STENCILS | R39.95

Elevate your nail game with this season and have nails that stand out! With 28 trend-driven designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild as you experiment with different designs and styles. Thanks to their simple peel-and-stick application, these STENCILS are super easy to apply, ensuring a flawless finish every time. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll have a blast creating stunning nail art to match your mood. Simply pair them with your favourite nail polish, and voila – you’re ready to rock!

essence GLAZED DONUT transforming top coat | R47.95

essence SUGAR TOUCH transforming top coat | R56.95

essence META GLOW transforming top coat | R47.95

essence confetti PARTY transforming top coat | R47.95

Applying a top coat isn’t just about protecting your manicure – it’s a chance to add a touch of creativity to your nail look! Introducing our lineup of four irresistible topcoats, including the iconic GLAZED DONUT and the playful confetti PARTY. These must-have additions to your collection allow you to effortlessly transform your nail polish to suit any occasion, mood, or personality. With striking effects ranging from glitter and sparkle to chrome and matte sand, the possibilities are endless.

essence express dry top coat | R39.95

When you’re on the go and need your manicure to last all day, reach for our express dry top coat! Say goodbye to waiting around – with a record-breaking 45-second dry time, this clear, high-gloss formula will seal your polish and leave your nails looking flawless in a flash.

With an array of NEW hot picks available, restocking your beauty essentials has never been simpler – or more budget-friendly! Get ready to unleash your creativity, express yourself, and embrace your wild side this season. Discover these makeup must-haves at the online and in-store retailers listed below.

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