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Crush your skincare goals with the NEW Catrice Beauty Boosters

July 06 2023

Crush your skincare goals with the NEW Catrice Beauty Boosters
Crush your skincare goals with the NEW Catrice Beauty Boosters
Whether you have your skincare routine down or still figuring out what products to purchase, we’ve simplified Catrice’s brand new additions to their Beauty Boosters range. Designed to help you crush your skincare goals, each serum contains a carefully-formulated amount of concentrated ingredients to help you achieve radiant, healthy skin!


Goal: Smooth Skin

Catrice Pore Ultra Minimizing Serum | R149.95

If you’re struggling with enlarged pores as a result of excess sebum, then look no further than the new Catrice Pore Ultra Minimizing Serum, designed for oil-control. Its nourishing formula contains 10% niacinamide to combat shiny skin by regulating oil production and ensuring your sebaceous glands don’t go into overdrive. Added algae known for its rich antioxidants helps to clean out blocked pores while allantoin, a plant extract, gently exfoliates dead skin cells for a smooth complexion.
For that added beauty boost, the pore refining serum also contains 3% Evermat™ by Sederma to effectively reduce the appearance of pores and control shine in oily to combination skin. Simply use its built-in applicator and apply 3-5 drops onto a cleansed face. Massage until absorbed and follow with a moisturiser.

Goal: Radiant Skin

Catrice Glow Super Vitamin Serum | R149.95

Don’t forget to take your vitamins! With the new Catrice Glow Super Vitamin Serum, your skin is in for a supercharged treatment. Enriched with a powerful anti-ageing vitamin complex of 2% vitamin C, 8% niacinamide, and 1% vitamin E, this serum effectively hydrates and moisturises your skin resulting in a glowing, healthy complexion.
Expect smooth, brightened skin thanks to the properties of vitamin C whilst vitamin E helps to even the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots all while driving and maintaining moisture to your face. Your skin will also remain smooth and shine-free thanks to niacinamide. Try this vitamin booster for overall healthy, firm and glowing skin. Apply 2-3 drops in the morning and evening and massage gently until absorbed. Always remember to follow with a moisturiser to lock in all the goodness.

Goal: Rejuvenated Skin

Catrice Glow Exfoliating Overnight Serum | R149.95

Let your serum do all the hard work while you sleep! The new Catrice Glow Exfoliating Overnight Serum gently exfoliates dead skin cells without causing irritation to the skin, making it ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin. This serum contains a chemical exfoliant of 9% AHA of which 7% is glycolic acid and 2% lactic acid so what does this all mean you may ask?
Well, this chemical exfoliant complex gently penetrates the skin to dissolve  dead skin cells while encouraging healthier cells to the surface resulting in clear, glowing skin. Not only is this serum an exfoliant, it also nourishes the skin thanks to its 1% prebiotic content to effectively balance the skin’s natural microbiome. This helps to prevent redness and dryness of the skin while maintaining a strong skin barrier. Simply apply 2-3 drops in the evening using its dropper for precise application, gently massage and let this serum work its magic! When you wake up, cleanse your skin of any dead skin cells and follow your normal skincare routine.
With the new additions to the Catrice Beauty Boosters, smooth, radiant and rejuvenated skin has never been so easy to achieve. Enriched with clean, healthy ingredients, your skin is in for a treat as their fast-acting formulas ensure healthy skin with a youthful radiance. Time to crush those skincare goals!