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Caribbeantan Beginner’s Guide 101

October 14 2021

Caribbeantan Beginner’s Guide 101 - House of Cosmetics
Caribbeantan Beginner’s Guide 101 - House of Cosmetics

Self-tan like a pro!

With spring blossoming and the days warming up, we’re sure you’re just as eager as us for long summer days on the beach and that perfect sun-kissed glow! Thanks to Caribbeantan, you don’t have to wait to get your skin summer ready. Their extensive range of self-tan products will have people thinking you’ve just come back from an island holiday! With Caribbeantan, self-tanning is made easy and effortless, even for first-timers just like me! From a gradual transformation to fast-acting results, this beginner’s guide will give you the know-how on how to achieve your desired tan.

What’s my skin type?

Self-tanning is not just for individuals with pale skin who struggle to tan. Individuals with more melanin, such as myself, can also benefit from self-tanning. Before I selected my self-tan product, I first consulted the Caribbeantan Colour Chart. This chart is an important step to your self-tan journey to ensure a tan that is natural and best-suited for your skin type. Based on the chart, I am skin type B i.e. medium complexion that easily reacts to the sun, which may cause me to tan or burn easily in sunny conditions. This is an accurate description as I do tan quickly and sometimes burn after sustained exposure to the sun.

Which product should I use?

After this cold winter period, my skin was looking rather dull from the lack of sun and I was missing my natural, warm tones. My decision on which product to use was based on how quickly I wanted to see results, my lifestyle as well as occupation. Thus I decided on a product that would give me instant results and would provide a natural self-tan after one application namely, the Caribbeantan Instant Tanning Spritzer B for medium complexions. This instant self-tan comes in a spritz bottle, allowing you complete control over your coverage as well as the intensity of your self-tan colour.

Pre-Application Prep:


It is important to prep your skin to achieve an optimal tan. On the day of my application, I began my prep early morning and proceeded to exfoliate with the Caribbeantan Cinnamon and Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia on dry skin. This delectable exfolia contains natural sugar exfoliators, which are gentle on the skin but provide sufficient grain to eradicate dry skin. My skin immediately felt smooth and soft and exuded a sweet coconut aroma thanks to the Jojoba Oil in this exfoliant.

Shower & Shave

To rinse off the exfolia and any excess oils, I hopped into the shower. I then shaved the necessary areas to ensure a smooth, blank canvas for self tan application. Hair, especially regrowth between waxing or shaving, will result in a patchy and streaky tan.


After your self-tan prep, it is important to replace any moisture which may have been lost in the process. Applying only to the dry areas (knees, elbows and ankles) of my body, I indulged my skin with the moisturising Caribbeantan Milk and Honey Body Butter. This body butter is rich in consistency but quickly penetrates the skin leaving you moisturised, glowing, and streak free. My body felt soft, nourished, and revived with this self-tan prep not to mention how sweet and refreshed I smelled.

Self-tan like a Pro

I opted to self-tan in the shower to minimise spillage. It’s important to apply your self-tan with the application mitt for a smooth, streak-free application and to avoid staining your palms. The Caribbeantan Self-Tan Mitt is padded to avoid staining of the palms with a soft, velvety exterior to flawlessly apply your tan. Before spritzing away, always give your self-tan a good shake.

Working from my legs upwards, I spritzed onto my legs in three different areas to ensure accurate coverage. You will instantly notice the intensity of the colour as the self-tan will be concentrated to the area you choose to spray on. This was a great guide to determine whether I needed more tanner or not. Using the self-tan mitt, I spread the self-tan solution in circular motions until my leg was covered. I proceeded the same process on my thighs, stomach, chest, jawline, and arms. The remaining product on the mitt was used on my hands. The process was quick and seamless and I stepped out of the shower with a natural and even tan.

As a beginner, it was not difficult to make sure my tan was evenly spread. The end result was a moderate darkening of my skin equivalent to a few hours in the sun based on my personal experience. Always be vigilant when your tan is on as well as which surfaces you touch, however, the self-tan dries within minutes as you progress to the rest of the body. The mist from the self-tan spritzer is also fine so there was not much spillage in the shower.

Post-tan Maintenance

Thereafter, I put on dark, loose-fitting clothing, to keep my tan smooth and void of any items that could leave a tan line. As the day went by, I noticed how the colour enhanced and became even more visibly noticeable but in a way that was suited for my skin type and desired outcome. It is advised not to shower or apply any moisturising products for at least eight hours after application. The following day, I showered and some of the colour washed off but I was still left with a natural tan, a shade darker than before.

In order to maintain my tan, I moisturised daily after my showers and avoided any rigorous drying or activities. By day five, my natural colour started to resume but the process was so gradual (with proper maintenance) that I enjoyed looking like I had stepped off the beach throughout the week. Not only did I achieve a moderate and even tan, my skin also looked healthier and vibrant thanks to all the TLC from the Caribbeantan Self-Tan range.

There you have it, ladies! No more worrying about turning orange or having a streaky, patchy tan because Caribbeantan gives you all the control on your desired coverage and colour. Whether you need to spritz your way into an instant tan, spray some colour into your life or nourish your skin with their velvety-smooth bronzing mousse, there’s a product suited for your self-tan goals. I finally said goodbye to my dull, winter skin and now you can too from the comfort of your home!