L.O.V Cosmetics The PEFERCTitude Under Eye Treatment

R 189.99

Cooling applicator relieves swelling. Helps against dark circles under the eyes. Nourishes, soothes and moisturizes. Every woman knows the feeling. Too little sleep or stress and there they are: Slight swellings under the eye make you look tired and older. The PEFERCTitude Under Eye Treatment puts an end to this! No compromises. You immediately look awake and fresh. The unique metal applicator cools and soothes the swelling and reduces dark circles. Full of good things: The creamy fluid provides intensive care with moisturising almond oil. Soothing chamomile water calms minor irritations. The tint of delicate pink visibly balances fine lines. The wake-up effect delivers what it promises: all signs of fatigue immediately disappear.