L.O.V Cosmetics Browtittude Tint Gel 100

R 189.00

  • The 2in1 secret weapon for perfectly defined statement brows.
  • Semi-permanent color tone for long-lasting, smudge-proof results.
  • Gel formula with microfibers to add volume and even more structure.
Totally on trend: perfectly defined eyebrows. Make-up hasn't just been a statement for the brows since Cara Delevingne came along. Frida Kahlo already knew about the importance of eyebrows. They structure the face and give the eyes a special depth. Wild, rocky, dramatic or natural: with the 2in1 Brow Tint & Filler Gel, your eyebrows are always in top shape. 
The tint contains semi-permanent colour pigments that ensure long-lasting, intensive colour results and - once dried - are guaranteed not to smudge. The fine brush applicator makes it easy to imitate small hairs and fill in any gaps in the brows. 
The gel is enriched with microfine fibres. This provides volume and a naturally bold look. The spiral brush helps you bring your eyebrows into shape. 
For the trendy no-make-up look, only use one side.

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