L.O.V 2IN1 Liquid Liner & Eyeshadow 110

R 145.00

  • Texture can be transformed from liquid liner to eye shadow.
  • Intense glitter, highly pigmented.
  • Very high-yielding, radiant finish.

Eyeliner or eye shadow? You don't have to decide. The SHADOWliner is both. With the liquid eyeliner, you can easily draw a clean eyelid line with intensive glitter particles. The slim brush applicator glides along the eye easily and effortlessly. Blend the line on the eyelid and watch as a little miracle happens again and again: the eyeliner transforms into a delicate, powdery eye shadow. Impressive and ultra-practical. The long-lasting and effective formula ensures non-stop glam. All eyes will be on you. That's a promise!