Catrice Aqua Ink Lipliner | 9 Shades

R 75.95

Tint Your Lips. The Aqua Ink Lipliner dispenses the innovative, water-based texture via a ball applicator to accurately outline the lips. When the formula is absorbed, it leaves behind a tint effect that colours the lips in semi-permanent shades ranging from nude to pink to red. Can be used to outline or completely cover the lips. The formula is enriched with pampering ingredients such as aloe, panthenol and vitamin E.


Allows accurate contouring of the lips: the innovative, water-based texture is applied with a felt tip. The tint effect colours the lips in six impressive, semi-permanent shades.

  • Lipliner with a ball applicator
  • Innovative, water-based texture
  • Semi-permanent tint effect
  • Stains skin ultra-longlasting.