essence NEW Nail polishes

We are excited to share the first look of the new essence design with this campaign.
Shine last & go! gel nail polish
We are excited to present you our new range of shine last & go! gel nail polish, which is a highlight of our spring/summer update.
The new quick-drying formula ensures optimal durability, intensive colour and an amazing shine.
The vegan polishes are available in up to 50 highly pigmented, colourful shades.

Go for your moment to shine!

The communication is colorful and engages the young generation to go for their individual moments to shine: to show who they are and what they like, simply to express themselves.

The invitation to go for it... will perfectly link to the product shine last & go.

With the hashtag: #shinelastgo we have the possibility to spread the word through all social media channels and ask the girls to GO FOR ... their individual moments to shine!

We will have an active social media campaign during the update launch across all our social media channels Instagram, Snapchat YouTube.