How to Maintain Your Make-up This Festive Season

The last thing you want on those long hot summer days is smudged sweaty makeup or feeling like you’re melting. There’s also no reason to pile on make-up product hoping that that’ll make it stay longer – unfortunately that’ll just give you the dreaded “cakey” look.

Hydrate & Fix

What you TRULY need is a great makeup setting spray – and the Catrice “Fix & Care” spray is the best one yet! This limited-edition line is gorgeous looking with its perfume bottle appearance.

Need to know why you absolutely need a great setting spray this festive season? Let us break it down for you:

The “Fix and Care” spray stops your powder and foundation from looking cakey or “cracking”, especially on your T-zone area. If you have dry skin, then the “Fix and Care” spray is fantastic for adding a little moisture on your skin before applying make-up. The “Fix and Care” spray acts as a top coat to your makeup. It does not change the colour or the texture of your make-up – it simply sets the make-up and ensures that your makeup lasts ALL day. Struggling with applying make-up with your beauty blender? The “Fix and Care” spray makes make-up application a breeze!

Limited Edition Now in Dis-Chem

The Limited Edition “Fix & Care Spray” By CATRICE offers seven fragrant make-up setting sprays. From fresh wooden, delicate floral to fruity notes – the different fragrances are sure to captivate the senses! From small relaxation breaks when you’re on the go and a revitalising effect on the skin.


The Catrice “Fix & Care” sprays are available in the following scents:




3. C04 SILK

4. C05 LIME


6. C07 CANDY

Beauty Tip

The Fix & Care Spray can be sprayed directly onto your face after cleansing or after the application of makeup. It is also ideal for touch-ups! Simply spray onto your face and work into the skin with a beauty blender to refresh your make-up. Thanks to their exquisite scents, this skin-friendly beauty mist can also be used as a perfume!

The Fix & Care Sprays ensure a rosy and radiant complexion – for all skin types. They have an invigorating effect on the skin on hot summer days and the aromatic fragrances calm the senses.

This beauty water is also an ideal travel companion as it soothes and refreshes stressed skin and should not be missing in ANY handbag this festive season!